Pets and House Plants

If you've ever had a cat at the same time as a house plant - you know how frustrating it can be!  Everyone has tips and tricks to keep kitties out of plants, and here's what I do.

For cats who like to dig up the soil or go to the bathroom in it - try adding rocks around the base of the plant.  Make sure to rinse them first and take care in what kind of rock you use (or paint them first with something water-proof), as watering over some rocks can drip hard minerals into your soil that might be bad for the plants.

For kitties who like to sit in plants, like my Sam does (completely killed my oregano, mmhm), buy some cheap bamboo skewers from the grocery or dollar store and snap them in half.  Push them into the soil about a half-inch to an inch apart.  Since paws are very sensitive, they won't want to step in it, and placing them closely together ensures they aren't going to just dig it up (yes, he did that, too, trial and error!).  Clip any splintery bits away before inserting them so they don't get splinters, just in case!

Lastly, for kitties who love to EAT the plants, you have two resources.  First and foremost, check out the ASPCA's Toxic and Nontoxic plant list to make certain your plants are safe.  Place unsafe plants outdoors or in rooms your pets aren't allowed.  You can always buy a new plant, but losing your furry friend just isn't worth risking!

Second, consider using a smelly deterent, or something that coats the leaves in a nasty flavor.  Several options are available, but I haven't had to try it yet (knock on wood!) so I don't have any recommendations.  Check your pet store and your plant shop!  :)

Hopefully this will keep both your plants and your pets safe from each other, and you from going crazy!  Don't forget to use organic and animal-friendly pesticides if your plants require de-bugging.  I just tried out a nifty product that's made of plant oils that kill bugs but are safe for pets - very cool!

Have a great week!
-Miss Mouse
<:3 )~~

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