Actually, there are two new animals in my life right now.  My cat still hasn't come back, and it's ruining me, so perhaps I'm making ill judgements.

First is a cat.  No, I'm not keeping her.  We met her in the middle of a road walking out toward a fishing spot.  My friend and I played with her for a sec, then headed out to fish.  She followed the whole way.  Then she hung out while we fished, drinking from the lake (the weather was about 50 degrees F, it was impressive that she could without complaining) and worrying me whenever she checked out my tackle box.

We weren't going to do anything about her, figuring she was a free-roaming cat of one of the residents of the area.  She was thin but not unhealthy and had a great coat.  She's got that crazy-long tail and ear fur.  Anyways, she then followed us all the way back to the house we were visiting, so we asked them about her.  They said it came around for food all the time, but they weren't sure if it was a stray or belonged to someone.  They, my fiance, and my friends all convinced me to take her home and get her scanned for a microchip, since she didn't have a collar.

She freaked out pretty hard about being in the apartment, but eventually she's calmed down and she's doing well now.  No chip, unfortunately, but hopefully by the end of the weekend we'll either found out who owns her or get her settled some place she belongs and is comfortable.

Then, there's the dog.  While looking through found ads for my cat, I came across an ad for a found pitbull.  I checked it out because our city is very prejudiced against pits and similar breeds, and have a virtually zero tolerance for them.  You can keep them (but not in apartments), but a lost pit that makes it to the pound is unlikely to come out again.  The poster responded to an email from me, and it turns out the pit was hit by a car and sustained injuries to her back leg, hip, and at least one rib.  It wasn't recent, though, and she's getting along alright.  The woman who found her can't afford to keep her, and I knew I simply had to help.

I have a little extra cash on me because of the way our bills panned out this month, so I'm helping to get her an x-ray next week.  I talked with my fiance, and once he saw her, he agreed we could adopt her.  The woman at the shelter we met at offered to help raise money to get her any needed surgeries, shots, and tests, and we discovered she was already spayed.  She's good with cats, though I'm not going to be able to let our rabbit out around her, obviously.  It looks like we're getting a dog.

It's still a question mark, especially since I really didn't think we could afford one for another long while, and because our apartment isn't pro-pitbulls.  We're not intending to stay here very long, though, so hopefully it won't be an issue.  I don't know, it's a lot very suddenly.  I thought we were just going to help with the x-ray, but as soon as my fiance saw her, he just said "yes."

I'm terrified of what it'll cost, but I'm absolutely in love with her.  I missed my chance to help the last dog I had an opportunity to, and I'm not making the same mistake.  Hopefully we'll have a new addition to our family soon.  I'll definitely keep you guys updated on how it all goes, and anything that I learn along the way.  I haven't been able to keep a dog of my own since I was a very small child, so this will be really exciting!

Our new potential puppy-dog, in her ad photo

I can't believe this is really happening!

-Miss Mouse
<:3 )~~

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